Thursday, July 16, 2009

Agree to Disagree

Has anyone heard of Meg & Dia? I love their songs theres only 6 on the CD i got which is a bummer. Time is really weird....It's going by fast and slow at the same time you know? like It seems to be going by slowly but when you look back on what you did that day It seems like It went by fast. Is it just me or does anyone notice how we, humans as a whole, are repeating ourselves? Movies, book, stories, magazines, T.V, the news almost all of those things are filled with the same sruff over and over again. Most directors now and days are remaking movies(i.e. alice in wonderland, charlie and the chocolate factory, amityville horror, Juno, ect.) and if a movie isn't a remake It usually is very similar to a different movie. Most T.V. shows are made off of book and movies. Books are repeaqting themselves. Twilight started the vampire trend now many authors are starting to write about vampires, even with romance/teen novels It's always the same. Girl likes boy but boy hardly even knows girl exists or vise versa. I think the new is the absolute worst out of all of them. Everyday It's full of depressing stories like "One man jumped off the empire state building today, instantly died when he hit thew ground" or "A plane crashed there wasn't a soul survivior". I mean i guess It's good, if the news was full of happy go-lucky thoughts then we'd be oblivious to how horrible civilization is. The news reminds us that life isn't perfect and humanity is falling apart but then theres one problem: no one does anything about it! Actually that's a lie alot of people either attempt to or actually succede in fixing our messes but once one mess is fixed people just end up making another one. Will we ever learn?
Oops haha i just sort of jumped from topic to topic sorry about that, I have to go.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to California

I keep thinking summers over already It's weird spending this much time in California during the summer. It's cleaning time....It's sad i actually want to clean because theres nothing else to what do i do when everythings clean?
You know how most people come back from vacation taller, wiser, and more sophisticated? Ok so maybe not all of those things but when someone comes back from a trip they've usually changed in some positive kind of way, But when i got back from Idaho the only thing that changed with me is I'm now slightly shorter and sport a new-found love for Star Wars. Somehow this doesn't surprise me.
Heres a random thought well It's kind of relevant....not really. So Me and alot of my friends are starting High school this year which basically means we're leaving kidhood and moving on to becoming adults(i.e. we won't be kids much longer). The thoughts kind of sad so i was looking back on everything that's happened to me so far and sadly most of the times i remember the most are full of drama. I mean some pretty amazing times have happened with friends but when i look back on school and on life in general it seems like even when we were really young we were trying to be older than we actually are. If kids now and days are so determined to be older and grown-up then they won't actually have the chance to be kids. Is it just me or is that thought slightly depressing?
Or another one is does anyone truely have their own likes and dislikes anymore? Civilization as a whole is so absorbed in follwing new trends and copying others that no one really has opinions of their own anymore.
See? this is what happens when I'm stuck in a room cleaning I think waaay too much for my own good. Thinking is good for you but the things I come up with are very odd. Anyway time to go.
love, 009