Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woah! i havent posted in forever! im sorry, i havent been able to post anything lately heres why: okay so i was on this amazing mission! i was a spy! for a secret agency whoose name i cannot give to you-its waaaaaaay too secret. so anywho there i was spying on the thanksgiving turkey, he was planning something evil....very evil! see he was selling people poisoned food so they would be too sick to celebrate xmas and santa would go out of buisness. i found otu what he was doing and had to report him! then he found out i was a spy and took all my comunication stuff away so i could no longer post on my blog. my friends saved me and the turkeys in jail yay! ya actually i got grounded :) but still, i keep trying to tell my parents there are far more things that are worse than me getting one little c in math! but noooo apparently therre isnt. anyway im back sorta i hope^^