Friday, February 27, 2009


kay so if i try and upload pics my comp crashes! no!!! so its story time! yay! ok the other day my sis yawned, then i yawned and i told her i stole her yawn, then i was like woah thatd be a cool story name the story of....
The Yawn-Stealer!
one day there was a little boy who lived in a small village in the florida keys.(the place im currently obsessed with)
he went down to the creek to fish every day. one day he sees an old man by the creek, the old man tells him in a raspy voice, "take care of what you have, one day it might be gone."
the little boy goes home, and ponders the old man's word.
So the next day when the little boy goes to the creek the old man is there again.
This time the old man says in his raspy voice, "treat others fairly, or karma will come back with a bite."
the little boy then goes home and ponders the man's words, the next day he returns to the creek and the old man says in his raspy voice, "never steal for something will be stolen in return."
the little boy goes home and ponders the old man's word.
Frustrated the littler boy realizes he's said the same thing twice, he figures the old man is crazy and knows nothing, each day for the next week he goes down to the creek, and ignores the old man with the raspy voice.
Finally on the eleventh day the little boy visits the creek the old man is there but he says nothing as the boy casts his fishing line.
by the time the boy begins to leave he turns to look back at the old man, but no words com efrom the man's mouth he simply...yawns.
no one had ever....yawned before, he had never seen such a precurious thing.
The little boy goes home he decided he wants the old man's yawn, besides a crazy old man shoulnt deserve a yawn like that!
so the next day at the creek the boy hides waiting all day and at exactly five o'clock the old man yawns, the boy jumps out and captures the yawn in a brown rucksack.
The boy then runs away quickly, once he is home he opens the bag and breathes in, suddenly....he yawns! the boy is extremely delighted, the next day at the creek he is happily fishing, satisfied that he experinced such things like a yawn.
The old man walks up and says in his raspy voice,
"never steal for something will be stolen from you."
the little boy sneers, "what do i have which you wish to steal?"
the old man replies in his raspy voice, "true that may be, but you must be punished for your actions."
the little boy says, "whatever crazy old man." he packs up his stuff and goes home.
The next day the boy wakes up and walks into the kitchen, his mother is making breakfast when suddenly...she yawns. The her son yawns, the little boy is curious why had he yawned?
all throughout the day everyone he saw would yawn, and he would too.
"why?" he asked the old man one day, the old man replied simply,
"no sympathy is implied for those who lie, now little yawn-stealer forever you must go, leave for home now, look for me fine but i will not be found."
the little boy goes home sadly, angered and annoyed by the old man, because of the little boy, the yawn-stealer we always yawn after someone else yawns.
cheesy and bad i know but i was bored =]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day Love!!!

Blaaaaah V-days coming up! i dont know it might be my crappy love life but im not too excited about the holiday coming up, plus being teased by people*cough *ammaar* cough* doesnt help, im kidding but still on a lighter note heres some pics :]

our shadows, small children running, um a pine cone, the sun

(pic taken by ammaar), my shoe, and a few more cool ones i messed with

ill re-post em later oh no my interenets dying!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill hurry up and post 'em later