Sunday, September 6, 2009


It's the name of a song by The Offspring it's playing on itunes right now and I don't have any other ideas about what to name this post so, there you go. For the very, very small handful of people who read my blog sorry I haven't posted in a while, school started and it's been crazy lately. It's a bit hard to write or should I say type when dealing with massive (or close to massive) amounts of homework, fabulous friends, some not-so fabulous people, my non-existant love life and drama. Yes, drama. We're currently about a month into the school year and the drama's already pretty intense. New season of Degrassi is coming really goes there. Haha, speaking of new season...Bones! Season five starts September 17!!! I haven't seen any previews for it yet, which is sad but oh well.
I sort of have to go, maybe, I don't know. Going to pick up lunch...but I have no pants that could be slightly problematic. Waiting for them to dry, they're still a little wet. I guess damp pants never hurt anyone. Wow, that statement sounded odd. Speaking of odd...wait...nevermind. Lost my train of thought, anyway pants are done got to go.