Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow Mission

I was going to write about my snow mission (which is really my game of Call of Duty from a few days ago) but I have to go soon, so I'll post it later.
Before I go here's a shout out to Kumquat!! She was the one thousandth viewer on Secret Agent Time, I love you Kumquat =] haha

Time to Pretend

MGMT's got some really great, revolutionary songs, like Time to Pretend, but they kind of lost it after their album Oracular Spectacular.

Anyway hi, sorry it's been so long since I've posted I've been way too busy. Hmmm I have some freakishl bug or something. I refuse to call it a cold, if I admit it's a cold then I'll have to admit I'm sick and that really can't happen when the first Track meet of the season starts in two weeks. So for now I have a freakish bug-thing.

My nose is all stuffed up and my throat's sore but that's really all...I don't have fever or headache or anything, I think that's good, I hope it'll go away soon.

It's really nice outside today. The sun is shinning, birds are singing, and the clouds are light and fluffy. No signs of rain whatsoever. I kind of wish it wouldn't be so pretty, if it were stormy and gloomy then I'd have an excuse for being holed up inside all day. Oh well. Oh so it's not just my freakish-bug that's causing me to shy away from the outside world, my parents went to Vegas for the weekend so I'm not allowed to go anywhere or hangout with anyone. I get to stay inside and be taunted by such beautiful weather...I'm suddenly looking forward to Monday.

Yesterday my brother and I were hanging out (inside) and he brought up a very good point. The difference between North California and South California is scary. Like Northern Californians say 'hella' in place of the words very or really. For example:

"That's hella funny" or "It was hella scary"

It drives most Southern Californians (for those who don't know I'm from SoCal) crazy. We also differenciate ourselves even further by classifying eachother as SoCal and NorCal. Can't we just all be one big California? I don't know. I have this bad feeling that we're going to end up like Dakota and split into two seperate states. Then we'd have fifty-one states...unless North and South Dakota decide to resolve their issues and become one state, though I doubt that'll happen.

Oh! So random new topic, you know how Tim Burton puts Johnny Depp in all of his movies because they're best friends? I've noticed something. He likes using another actor, well actress, regularly. Helena Bonham Carter, she and Burton are dating and have two kids together...I think. She's been in Fight Club, Wallace & Grommit, and Harry Potter. Then the other day I was watching Sweeney Todd and realized she plays Mrs. Lovett. A day after that I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and saw that she plays Charlie's mom. She's also going to play The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

I thought that was kind of cool, I never noticed how many movies she was in before untill now. So, I guess that's all, I have a story to tell about a recent mission, but I'll put it on a different post.

Goodbye for now.