Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Am i dead? i feel dead...

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think i'm dead really i do =] haha kidding tonights practice was killer...but fun.
Okay i have an announcement! O.o I would say no my announcement isn't that i'm pregnant...but then again I am haha not really It's....a long story anywho back on track...
I really want to be a sniper! I mean at first I was like yay writing! But now It's like being a sniper would be so much more fun! Kidding again i would never give up writing, but really don't you think it would be fun to be a sniper? Just another part of being a Secret Agent.
Well I'm posting because #1 I just had to announce my death and my new love of shooting people from very high heights
#2 I'm very very bored.
It's Spring bReak yet I have nothing to do! Actually that's a lie I have to clean my room fun I know. Oh another reason for me to post...I haven't in a very long time so I am now.
Well yep this Is my overly exciting life, you see Kyle and I have decided to start a new web show because our lives are just sooo amazingly exciting. Our web show is sooo exciting It's illegal to watch in every place except for Guam and Costa Rica. I don't know how we thought of that one but we did.
Hmm listening to Days Go By, by Lifehouse.
Oh and electronics officially hate me. My camera will not turn on, the complete front of my phone falls off randomly, my computer keeps freezing, my phone charger is randomly not working, my internet stops working randomly, and my Ipod crashed when i was trying to restore some songs that had accidently been deleted on it. Fun times I know.
Well i guess i have to now stop my ramblings seeing as I'm running out of exciting things to talk starts in a few days hurray.
Hmm now I'm listening to Treaty of paris...Here goes nothing is a good song.
I hope to god you will never feel as crappy asw i do right now(physically not mentally, mentally i'm in a pretty good mood)
Bye for now, i have to go before my toaster explodes or maybe my alarm clock will come alive and terrorize the Castaic. You never know with these darn electronics well if you see a giant fluffy hello-kitty clock walking around your house I'm deeply sorry, truely I am.
Bye for now~