Saturday, April 24, 2010

You, Yes, You

I forgot to tell you! Yes, you. The other day in English we were watching Kung Fu Panda and my friends and I were wondering, how fat must you be to not see your toes?

Well then I was at the super market yesterday, buying milk since we ran out and I really wanted cereal, and I got in line when I realized the man infront of me was very, well, obese. He was also very stout and only a few inches taller than me, so while he was paying I went up on my tippy toes and feeling very much like a secret agent I looked over his shoulder and you know what? I couldn't see his toes! His belly was in the way.

Later I said I'd tripped and then apologized for getting so close to him.

Now, this message is to Kumquat:
I now know how fat you must be to not see your toes! I'll show you Monday =]

...and now my last lollipop is all sad.


Lights Not Lazers

How do they do it? I don't understand this amazing phenomenon. I got about four of the See's lollipops for Easter and this is my last one, it's vanilla, and probably my new favorite. Hmm, I'm going to end to addicted to these things and gain hundreds of pounds.
I look forward to the future.

Anyway, onto the real subject at hand. I just came back from my step-dad's, cousin's wedding. I only knew about a hand full of people there and whoever I did know I haven't seen since I was five. I had people I didn't even know coming up to me and saying, "Oh, you've gotten so tall!" Little do they know, I haven't actually gotten any taller but have developed the ability to wear very high heels, making me appear taller.

The ceramony was beautiful, there's something magical about weddings, even if you don' know the bride, groom, or half of their guests.

At said wedding I met Devin, the tall, blonde, and charming type. He happened to be the same age and grade as me so we danced and had ridiculously witty conversations with one another. I was being a bit flirty, seeing as one of my friends thinks I need to 'get back on the dating' train. But I knew nothing would come out of my short-lived friendship with Devin, seeing as he was either a byofriend of one of my extremely distant relatives or he was one of my exremely distant relatives. Either scenario wasn't desirable.

After talking for a while I found out that he was my cousin Tiffany's date, and that they'd gotten into this huge fight during the ceramony and weren't talking. So I dragged both of their gorgeous, blonde butts into the kitchen and talked some sense into them. So they're back together and I'm, well, me.

That's okay, maybe I'm not ready to climb back onto the dating train just yet or maybe I'm just not meant to be a passanger at all, I'll be the conductor instead.

Oh, so quick subject change that relates to the title. You know those mini colored disco balls that you plug into the wall and can win at most arcades for a couple hundred tickets? Well they had that during the wedding and my step-grandfather pointed at the colors on the ceiling and said, "Look, they've got lazers."

Then a tall, wrinkled woman whom I recognized as the band's drummer shook her head and corrected him, "They're lights, not lazers."
Same difference.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Make Way for the Revolution

A new golden age is coming, it will be a revolutionary period of time. The Renassiance and other ages of great discovery will cower in the shadow of this fabulous new era.
And it all begins with a lollipop. Mine, specifically. Not one that im going to invent but the one that I'm currently sucking on or licking or whatever word you want to use for the action of devouring a lollipop.

I know this sounds a bit far fetched but I'm being sincere. This lollipop is the future. I was never fond of See's lollipops, I just didn't think chocolate could possibly be good in a hard carmalized form but boy, was I wrong. I was hesitant to try such a bizarre lollipop but finally I did and it's practically a brownie on a stick, the taste is dead on. It's amazing, it's revolutionary, it's the future.

A new golden age is coming thanks to the creators of this little lollipop. So I say to you all, wether you believe me or not, you better start making way for the revolution.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


I don't know wether to be amused or depressed. I think I'm a little of both right now. My family from Costa Rica are visiting California so we're having them over at my house today to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. Just moments ago my cousins and I went to the super market to pick up some ice. We also ended up having to get eggs, milk, drinks, and a few other things that my Mom had forgotten about.
My cousins got bored and started goofing around throughout the store so I went to pay for all of my groceries and ended up having a convesation with the cashier, he was a few years older than me and it was his first day on the job. After a few minutes of talking the line behind me started growing so he started ringing up my items. He was having trouble with the scanner and was taking longer than usual. All of a sudden the woman behind me, who was in her mid-thirties or so, sighed impatiently.
I turned around and gave her a small smile before turning back to the cashier who was trying to get the computer to stop angrily beeping at him. A moment later, the beeping stopped and the woman sighed again, when I turned to her she had a hand on her hip and was tapping her foot. I smiled apologetically, "I'm so sorry that i'm holding up the line, you must want to get home."
She rolled her eyes and then checked her watch before saying, "Yes, I do."
I looked over into her cart, she had a People magazine and two cartons of milk, which raised the question, why didn't she just go into the express lane?
I shrugged and then tried to help the new guy figure out how to work the computer, seeing as all of his older, more experienced co-workers were busy. That's when the lady turned to me and said, "You know what? I've got better things to do today than stand behind some brat and you," she pointed to the blushing cashier, "you need to hurry the hell up, I mean really? Stop flirting and push the damn button that gives her the reciet!"
The cahsier looked dumbfounded so I stepped in. In a very polite tone I told her, "Excuse me, I understand that you're annoyed and you must be tired of standing in line but you don't have to be rude. He's new on the job and will be finished soon."
That really set her off. She graberd her magazine and the milk from out of her cart and pushed past me to go into a different lane. Then she sharply turned around and nearly spat out her words, "Fuck you! My children are going to be smarter than you, more successful, and they are going to live longer! Both of you are going to amount to nothing, you'll be worthless scum for the rest of your life."
Security was called and I kid you not, she slapped the guard as he tried to help her outside.
Now that i think of it, I'm more amused after all.
Wow, what a day.

Scar Tissue

There's something about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers that makes you forget all of your troubles. Anyway sorry I haven't posted in such a very long time, the days have been flying by and I'm having trouble keeping up with them.

At the beginning of school everything was measured in months. There were a few months until finals, a few until Christams, four months until New Year's, ect. But now it seems like everything is measured in weeks. Four more weeks of Tack season, not even one week until STAR testing, five or six weeks until finals...soon we'll be counting down the days.

I can't believe summer is about two months away.

I have a feeling that this summer and our Sophomore year are both going to be very good =]