Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Make Way for the Revolution

A new golden age is coming, it will be a revolutionary period of time. The Renassiance and other ages of great discovery will cower in the shadow of this fabulous new era.
And it all begins with a lollipop. Mine, specifically. Not one that im going to invent but the one that I'm currently sucking on or licking or whatever word you want to use for the action of devouring a lollipop.

I know this sounds a bit far fetched but I'm being sincere. This lollipop is the future. I was never fond of See's lollipops, I just didn't think chocolate could possibly be good in a hard carmalized form but boy, was I wrong. I was hesitant to try such a bizarre lollipop but finally I did and it's practically a brownie on a stick, the taste is dead on. It's amazing, it's revolutionary, it's the future.

A new golden age is coming thanks to the creators of this little lollipop. So I say to you all, wether you believe me or not, you better start making way for the revolution.


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Anonymous said...

Mind. Blown.