Sunday, September 6, 2009


It's the name of a song by The Offspring it's playing on itunes right now and I don't have any other ideas about what to name this post so, there you go. For the very, very small handful of people who read my blog sorry I haven't posted in a while, school started and it's been crazy lately. It's a bit hard to write or should I say type when dealing with massive (or close to massive) amounts of homework, fabulous friends, some not-so fabulous people, my non-existant love life and drama. Yes, drama. We're currently about a month into the school year and the drama's already pretty intense. New season of Degrassi is coming really goes there. Haha, speaking of new season...Bones! Season five starts September 17!!! I haven't seen any previews for it yet, which is sad but oh well.
I sort of have to go, maybe, I don't know. Going to pick up lunch...but I have no pants that could be slightly problematic. Waiting for them to dry, they're still a little wet. I guess damp pants never hurt anyone. Wow, that statement sounded odd. Speaking of odd...wait...nevermind. Lost my train of thought, anyway pants are done got to go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Agree to Disagree

Has anyone heard of Meg & Dia? I love their songs theres only 6 on the CD i got which is a bummer. Time is really weird....It's going by fast and slow at the same time you know? like It seems to be going by slowly but when you look back on what you did that day It seems like It went by fast. Is it just me or does anyone notice how we, humans as a whole, are repeating ourselves? Movies, book, stories, magazines, T.V, the news almost all of those things are filled with the same sruff over and over again. Most directors now and days are remaking movies(i.e. alice in wonderland, charlie and the chocolate factory, amityville horror, Juno, ect.) and if a movie isn't a remake It usually is very similar to a different movie. Most T.V. shows are made off of book and movies. Books are repeaqting themselves. Twilight started the vampire trend now many authors are starting to write about vampires, even with romance/teen novels It's always the same. Girl likes boy but boy hardly even knows girl exists or vise versa. I think the new is the absolute worst out of all of them. Everyday It's full of depressing stories like "One man jumped off the empire state building today, instantly died when he hit thew ground" or "A plane crashed there wasn't a soul survivior". I mean i guess It's good, if the news was full of happy go-lucky thoughts then we'd be oblivious to how horrible civilization is. The news reminds us that life isn't perfect and humanity is falling apart but then theres one problem: no one does anything about it! Actually that's a lie alot of people either attempt to or actually succede in fixing our messes but once one mess is fixed people just end up making another one. Will we ever learn?
Oops haha i just sort of jumped from topic to topic sorry about that, I have to go.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to California

I keep thinking summers over already It's weird spending this much time in California during the summer. It's cleaning time....It's sad i actually want to clean because theres nothing else to what do i do when everythings clean?
You know how most people come back from vacation taller, wiser, and more sophisticated? Ok so maybe not all of those things but when someone comes back from a trip they've usually changed in some positive kind of way, But when i got back from Idaho the only thing that changed with me is I'm now slightly shorter and sport a new-found love for Star Wars. Somehow this doesn't surprise me.
Heres a random thought well It's kind of relevant....not really. So Me and alot of my friends are starting High school this year which basically means we're leaving kidhood and moving on to becoming adults(i.e. we won't be kids much longer). The thoughts kind of sad so i was looking back on everything that's happened to me so far and sadly most of the times i remember the most are full of drama. I mean some pretty amazing times have happened with friends but when i look back on school and on life in general it seems like even when we were really young we were trying to be older than we actually are. If kids now and days are so determined to be older and grown-up then they won't actually have the chance to be kids. Is it just me or is that thought slightly depressing?
Or another one is does anyone truely have their own likes and dislikes anymore? Civilization as a whole is so absorbed in follwing new trends and copying others that no one really has opinions of their own anymore.
See? this is what happens when I'm stuck in a room cleaning I think waaay too much for my own good. Thinking is good for you but the things I come up with are very odd. Anyway time to go.
love, 009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never Let You Go!

It's be Third Blind Eye, and currently the song that won't leave my mind!!! On the brighter side we just graduated!..or promoted....or whatever It's called. High School oh joy. I really wish my hair would stay like this forever...I'm afraid to go to sleep because it might get messed up. Well tonight was fun but so so sad! I won't see anyone again for a month or so which is a depressing thought. Speaking of long absences this is most likely my last post untill July, seeing as I'll be in Idaho. Yes they have computers there but Hanging out with family usually pre-occupies me from any sort of computer activity. Did you know Facebook is more popular than Myspace now? Crazy stuff. Lakers won! hmmm let's see what else is on my mind umm....theres alot of cool stuff on the news lately haha I don't remember what said stuff was. Oh and i new discovery from today. Who needs X-ray vision when you have imagination? That's the kind of thought process you get when you stuff about 300 kids in this stuffy little room and make them sit there for about half an hour just so they can then walk in a single-filed line for the next hour or so. Some interesting thing were said tonight...but i don't think it's wise to go into every single thing that was mentioned in fulll-on detail.
It's been below 70 degress for the past week which is crazy seeing as normally in June in the small town of Castaic temperatues reach high 90s, low 100s. By July It's almost always over 110. The cold is strange, unexpected, and once again just plain old weird. Maybe It's a sign. What the omen would be about I'm not sure, but hey, you never know.
Bye for now, Love~

Thursday, June 4, 2009


this weeks has been crazy! The week before the last week of school is coming to an end, lets see what we did this week:
Sunday we prepare for...
Monday we start math finals & go over portfolio day which is two days after...
Tuesday math finals are finally over! i think there may be a test on...
Wednesday or not, we prepared for portfolio day and the history test which is on...
Thursday the history test is here, portfolio day!!! the fun doesn't last long tho, theres a sci test on...
Friday we have a science test! Grad night is tonight! it lasts all the way untill....
Saturday the library unveils the painting we worked on! hmm i wonder what's going to happen on...
Haha i got bored, but yeah that's a re-cap of the week. Guess what i have in my head? Journey of course, don't stop believin' has once again penetrated my mind. Hey Lakers are playing in Finals!!! Fishers really been dissapointing me lately, Kobe has done good this season though, Ohmygod I'm turning into a sports junkie haha jk that would never happen but when you're surrounded by a house full of 'em it's hard not to know what's going on in the world of ESPN. Haha my sister had the chance to go on the show Wipeout we're still convincing her to go, the show people want her to but she doesn't want to, i hope she does. Ah i just ran for the first time in 2 weeks(i had this hip-thing and couldnt run it hurt 2 much something with the flexers....) but it felt amazing! and painful all at the same time. fun fun. Sorry if i'm jumping around from one subject to the next, just trying to write down whatever comes into my head and some thoughts just aren't relevant to the current conversation. ummm grad nights tomorow!!! i figured out two key three key things this week.
1. i always say sorry, like if some says "ouch i got hurt" or "oh, i'm tired" i say sorry, most people are like don't say sorry it's not your fault but i realized i'm not saying sorry because it's my fault when i say sorry it's more like: 'i'm sorry you have a porblem and i can't fix it' kind of thing.
2.You know how everyone hates getting nervous? i think in order to do well at something you need to be nervous i'm not sure why but think about a time that u were really anxious about. I wonder if this makes any sense saying that a person's nervousness actually compells them to do the thing that made them feel that way in the first place.
3.some people aren't very excited to go to grad night because it's at magic mountain(which is like in the heart of castaic so most castaicians have been there several times throughout their lives...some people go weekly) but It's not where you go it's who you go with!
hey imagine that, i'm posting again, i think this is like the third or fourth day in a row....i'm not sure that's healthy anyway
Te quiero y te amo!
i'm still not sure what that means...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Devil's Arithmetic

It's not just the name of a fabulous book (by Jane Yolen for all those who were wondering) but it is now also whatm math should be called. Linear equations are evil. Math finals are today and tomorow and sure numbers, equations, inequalities, all a piece of cake but graphs...graphs are horrible, horrible methods of cruel torture. OK, so that was a bit melodramatic sorry about that. Math isn't too bad i guess, it has it's ups and downs like any other subject, but certain parts of math (i.e. graphs) are really annoying to test on. Just another thing that must be tolerated i guess.
Ok so interesting question of the day: can crayons evaporate? Like if you leave a crayon on the side walk for too long it melts, well is it possible for that melted wax to then evaporate? I'm pretty sure it can. or if you start a fire in a rubber tire will the tire contain the fire or will the rubber burn(or melt seeing as i'm not too sure if rubber actually can burn...)?
So many questions and very little answers! questions like these can cause an insanity that would call for institutionalization in about 48 out of the 50 states. I've been posting alot lately which is odd ecspecially because I've been busier than ever but hey everything that needs to be done has gotten done so i guess that's that. Once again I'm being kicked off, starnge my posts are getting shorter and shorter. Kinda creepy, anyway bye for now

Monday, June 1, 2009

Schools out for summer

Has anyone heard that song before? Where It's like "Schools out for summer, schools out forever"
Well if you have It's stuck in my head which is pretty ironic seeing as theres only about eight days left of school. Guess what comes next year? Highschool. oh joy. It seems kind of fun but I'm sooo not looking forward to being at the bottom of the food chain all over again. Hey so i discovered something interesting: A person's veiw of another person depends on if you know that person or not. It sounds simple i know, it sounded cooler when i first thought of it basically it goes like this:
You see some random person on the street and your friend asks " hey do you think that person is hot?" About nine out of ten people who i asked this questions said sure that persons hot. Now say you see your friend who you've known for three years and someone asks "hey do you think that person is hot?" most people i asked said that they would think before they answered the question this time only because this time they knew the person. So basically people pass different judgement on others based on wether we know them or not. I think It's cool, oops anyway I'm being kicked off again g2g

Friday, May 29, 2009

Love is a Battlefield

Pat Benetar is sooo right. Even is that battlefield is annoyingly confusing and complicated. I'm really not in the mood to talk about love even though all the songs on my Ipod seem to be love songs anyway change of subject: have you ever thought that there might be someone else out there looking up at the sky and seeing our galaxy as just another distant star in the sky? creepy thought i know, or maybe the whole universe is just one small star in the sky of an even bigger universe. I love astronomy but i hate not knowing everything about space! for instance we scientists have very little knowledge of anything that goes beyond our Solar System. That's sad, i mean computers were invented less than fifty years ago and look at them now! we have laptops and high-speed internet all that good stuff. Humans have been studying the stars and space for centuries, since the begining of time so why do we still know so little? It really grinds my gears. Speaking of gear grinding...theres this really cool site called snopes It's like mythbusters in website form. Strangely i don't have much to say tonight, actually that's a lie i have soooo much more to say but I'm being kicked off the computer ans theres not much i can do about that. Ok just one last weird thing: i only havelike three readers yet the number of page visits keeps going up...It's so strange anyway Bye for now

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mindless always

Sometimes i actually wonder if there is any importance attached to the words i speak...or think for that matter seeing as i haven't talked to many people today. Haha using big words and making yourself sound all fancy and articulately correct is really fun, except the dialect used in shakespearian(i know that term isn't politically correct but i'm not quite sure which time period shakespeare was alive in) times is really annoying. Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by old english? well not all old english but words like thou and areth. Hmm but oh well i guess portfolios aren't that bad afterall...well at least to me they aren't but things are always more dramatic when theyre really happening, like think about a fight you've had with a friend, arguments seem so much sillier after they've actually happened...i wonder why? Phscology is a very odd thing. Hmmm I have 'don't stop believin'' stuck in my head! About an hour ago it was 'Anyway You Want It' Journey is slowly invading my brian, that or I'm slowly going insane...i think the second option is more likely than the first one. The Lakers game is on! Haha and i'm the only one not watching it in my family. some kids think Halloween is scary, others might not like Easter(why wouldn't they? i dont know but hey some kids don't) in my case It's the superbowl O.o The Superbowl is when my family(of particularly loud people) is the loudest, and i'm not exaggerating it's like everyone is talking into a megaphone even when they aren't watching the game. Haha okay now that one was an exageration but really that is one very, very loud day. My computer is still broken just for all those who are curious haha even though barely anyone reads my blog, so if anyone is truely concerned just thought you should know the little fan thingy that helps the computer boot up is broken so the computer no longer starts. That means 1. i can't post pictures anymore seeing as i'm on a library computer 2. i won't be able to post very often, but oh well anyway g2g

Thursday, May 21, 2009

There are waaay too many emotions involved with the last few weeks of school. For starters portfolios! If you're reading this and have had the blessing of not having to complete an 8th grade portfolio then congrats, i hope you never have to go through something like this. Haha OK that was way to melodramatic but really they are not fun, a portfolio is like the ultimate homework assignment from hell. No joke, not only do we have to construct them but also present them infront of our "peers". Heres a little recap of all the other dubious emotional experiences that accompany themselves along with portfolios:
ummmm theres a long list in a way a bit too long too type, even so i think the more a situation is talked and complained about the less worse it seems. But then again without drama and hardships life would be...fairly boring. And sure hey what do i know? No i've never been starving, or homeless, or forced to do something against my will, but just take a moment to think of all the hard and emotionally scarring experiences you've ever had or ones that you are having. Now think: what would life be like without those experiences?
I'm probably sounding a bit cheesy right about now but if life was full of good, happy things it would be boring, if life were full of horrible, gruesome things it would frankly be annoying. You have to have both, so when you think about everything bad that's happened to you i'm willing to bet all the wonderous treasures in my pocket that you can think of twice as many good things that have happened to you.
Wow i do believe that is by far the cheesiest thing i have ever said...or thought..or typed in my whole, meesly little 13(almost 14) years of existance.
But then again, hey we all have our moments
Haha and if anyone actaully took my bet then your out of luck the only thing in my pocket is some gum...wait no theres chapstick too...eeeww and something that i think may be a quarter...
Just stay positive, and yes i know that's cheesy too but whatever, embrace the know you want to...
p.s. my computer is being wack-o and isn't working properlly, it'll be a while before i can post again

p.s.s. if you get a chance check out my friend's blogs, they're mind blowing and not in a 'conspiratorial woah man the goverments out to get us!' kind of way, haha just check them out they're cool

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Am i dead? i feel dead...

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think i'm dead really i do =] haha kidding tonights practice was killer...but fun.
Okay i have an announcement! O.o I would say no my announcement isn't that i'm pregnant...but then again I am haha not really It's....a long story anywho back on track...
I really want to be a sniper! I mean at first I was like yay writing! But now It's like being a sniper would be so much more fun! Kidding again i would never give up writing, but really don't you think it would be fun to be a sniper? Just another part of being a Secret Agent.
Well I'm posting because #1 I just had to announce my death and my new love of shooting people from very high heights
#2 I'm very very bored.
It's Spring bReak yet I have nothing to do! Actually that's a lie I have to clean my room fun I know. Oh another reason for me to post...I haven't in a very long time so I am now.
Well yep this Is my overly exciting life, you see Kyle and I have decided to start a new web show because our lives are just sooo amazingly exciting. Our web show is sooo exciting It's illegal to watch in every place except for Guam and Costa Rica. I don't know how we thought of that one but we did.
Hmm listening to Days Go By, by Lifehouse.
Oh and electronics officially hate me. My camera will not turn on, the complete front of my phone falls off randomly, my computer keeps freezing, my phone charger is randomly not working, my internet stops working randomly, and my Ipod crashed when i was trying to restore some songs that had accidently been deleted on it. Fun times I know.
Well i guess i have to now stop my ramblings seeing as I'm running out of exciting things to talk starts in a few days hurray.
Hmm now I'm listening to Treaty of paris...Here goes nothing is a good song.
I hope to god you will never feel as crappy asw i do right now(physically not mentally, mentally i'm in a pretty good mood)
Bye for now, i have to go before my toaster explodes or maybe my alarm clock will come alive and terrorize the Castaic. You never know with these darn electronics well if you see a giant fluffy hello-kitty clock walking around your house I'm deeply sorry, truely I am.
Bye for now~

Friday, February 27, 2009


kay so if i try and upload pics my comp crashes! no!!! so its story time! yay! ok the other day my sis yawned, then i yawned and i told her i stole her yawn, then i was like woah thatd be a cool story name the story of....
The Yawn-Stealer!
one day there was a little boy who lived in a small village in the florida keys.(the place im currently obsessed with)
he went down to the creek to fish every day. one day he sees an old man by the creek, the old man tells him in a raspy voice, "take care of what you have, one day it might be gone."
the little boy goes home, and ponders the old man's word.
So the next day when the little boy goes to the creek the old man is there again.
This time the old man says in his raspy voice, "treat others fairly, or karma will come back with a bite."
the little boy then goes home and ponders the man's words, the next day he returns to the creek and the old man says in his raspy voice, "never steal for something will be stolen in return."
the little boy goes home and ponders the old man's word.
Frustrated the littler boy realizes he's said the same thing twice, he figures the old man is crazy and knows nothing, each day for the next week he goes down to the creek, and ignores the old man with the raspy voice.
Finally on the eleventh day the little boy visits the creek the old man is there but he says nothing as the boy casts his fishing line.
by the time the boy begins to leave he turns to look back at the old man, but no words com efrom the man's mouth he simply...yawns.
no one had ever....yawned before, he had never seen such a precurious thing.
The little boy goes home he decided he wants the old man's yawn, besides a crazy old man shoulnt deserve a yawn like that!
so the next day at the creek the boy hides waiting all day and at exactly five o'clock the old man yawns, the boy jumps out and captures the yawn in a brown rucksack.
The boy then runs away quickly, once he is home he opens the bag and breathes in, suddenly....he yawns! the boy is extremely delighted, the next day at the creek he is happily fishing, satisfied that he experinced such things like a yawn.
The old man walks up and says in his raspy voice,
"never steal for something will be stolen from you."
the little boy sneers, "what do i have which you wish to steal?"
the old man replies in his raspy voice, "true that may be, but you must be punished for your actions."
the little boy says, "whatever crazy old man." he packs up his stuff and goes home.
The next day the boy wakes up and walks into the kitchen, his mother is making breakfast when suddenly...she yawns. The her son yawns, the little boy is curious why had he yawned?
all throughout the day everyone he saw would yawn, and he would too.
"why?" he asked the old man one day, the old man replied simply,
"no sympathy is implied for those who lie, now little yawn-stealer forever you must go, leave for home now, look for me fine but i will not be found."
the little boy goes home sadly, angered and annoyed by the old man, because of the little boy, the yawn-stealer we always yawn after someone else yawns.
cheesy and bad i know but i was bored =]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day Love!!!

Blaaaaah V-days coming up! i dont know it might be my crappy love life but im not too excited about the holiday coming up, plus being teased by people*cough *ammaar* cough* doesnt help, im kidding but still on a lighter note heres some pics :]

our shadows, small children running, um a pine cone, the sun

(pic taken by ammaar), my shoe, and a few more cool ones i messed with

ill re-post em later oh no my interenets dying!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill hurry up and post 'em later

Monday, January 26, 2009

randomness has a name and its called corrin

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have nothing to post about im sooooooooooooooooooooo bored!!!! anywho hi, i dont have any snazzy pics 2 put up yet im too lazy 2 import 'em off my camera. its waaaay below freezing in my house its so cold! i dont wana g2 sleep like at all even tho its not bed time yet i dunno i feel weird like ha ha funny mixed with why must life be so confusing?!? funny. The fray is a strange name, cool band tho hehe i like queen, blah did i mention how impossibly bored i am? oh well ill go draw or something i wana fire truck 4 xmas...wouldnt that be cool? driving around in this giagantic red truck with a ladder and hose so u can hose random ppl? plus if sumone crashes into u ur fine cus its so big! well bye for now ill post again when my pics are in

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


theese pics r just cool lol im watching the videos we recorded in P.E. their really funny, i just realized i can get into a LOT of trouble by the skool 4 posting em so i cant sorry guys

ill post more later dinner time

play time!!!!!

guess what i just imported?
Pictures! i played with em cuz its more fun that way^^i like em here they are:
OMG! doesnt the one of daniel and caitlin look like he's an evil dictator? like the way he is standing its really funny

heres a really creepy one of ammaar i took on the bus then ill put the movies up I'll put the other ones up later :P cuz they wont load

Monday, January 19, 2009


Enie Minie Miney MO!!!!!! Catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let 'em go enie minie miney MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im attempting to paint or draw this nextim not sure what ima do yet


ok both of theese look absolutely horrible, the blue-haired one looks bettr in rl, the golden-eyed one is just plain bad i got bored and was sloppy w/ both of them

Friday, January 16, 2009


O.o sorry about that i had this random outburst of hyperness anywho guess what? ME AND RACHELLE ARE GONNE BAKE PLAYDOH! you heard me thats right-playdoh! its 4 this sci. homework i gotta do, anyhow there'll be alot of pics hopefully we wont explode nothing. i gotta wake up early 2morow-_-oh well ill post again when i have pics byebyez 4 now

FIRE! FIRE! Incendio! incendio!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hears pics from new

years! my sis, her friend, olivia, and scott, plus my bro and his girlfriend

lol next is our trip to the ice station, me, delli, rachelle, and kyle yay! we had to leave before delli but it was still fun, i had to be hime by nine thirty

-_-hehe i got in the door by nine 27

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yay! so for Xmas i got a camera and i was bored and decided to play around with it heres what i got-
ya i got really bored theres more pics frm like new years and disney land but they arent on my comp yet :P