Thursday, May 21, 2009

There are waaay too many emotions involved with the last few weeks of school. For starters portfolios! If you're reading this and have had the blessing of not having to complete an 8th grade portfolio then congrats, i hope you never have to go through something like this. Haha OK that was way to melodramatic but really they are not fun, a portfolio is like the ultimate homework assignment from hell. No joke, not only do we have to construct them but also present them infront of our "peers". Heres a little recap of all the other dubious emotional experiences that accompany themselves along with portfolios:
ummmm theres a long list in a way a bit too long too type, even so i think the more a situation is talked and complained about the less worse it seems. But then again without drama and hardships life would be...fairly boring. And sure hey what do i know? No i've never been starving, or homeless, or forced to do something against my will, but just take a moment to think of all the hard and emotionally scarring experiences you've ever had or ones that you are having. Now think: what would life be like without those experiences?
I'm probably sounding a bit cheesy right about now but if life was full of good, happy things it would be boring, if life were full of horrible, gruesome things it would frankly be annoying. You have to have both, so when you think about everything bad that's happened to you i'm willing to bet all the wonderous treasures in my pocket that you can think of twice as many good things that have happened to you.
Wow i do believe that is by far the cheesiest thing i have ever said...or thought..or typed in my whole, meesly little 13(almost 14) years of existance.
But then again, hey we all have our moments
Haha and if anyone actaully took my bet then your out of luck the only thing in my pocket is some gum...wait no theres chapstick too...eeeww and something that i think may be a quarter...
Just stay positive, and yes i know that's cheesy too but whatever, embrace the know you want to...
p.s. my computer is being wack-o and isn't working properlly, it'll be a while before i can post again

p.s.s. if you get a chance check out my friend's blogs, they're mind blowing and not in a 'conspiratorial woah man the goverments out to get us!' kind of way, haha just check them out they're cool

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