Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mindless always

Sometimes i actually wonder if there is any importance attached to the words i speak...or think for that matter seeing as i haven't talked to many people today. Haha using big words and making yourself sound all fancy and articulately correct is really fun, except the dialect used in shakespearian(i know that term isn't politically correct but i'm not quite sure which time period shakespeare was alive in) times is really annoying. Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by old english? well not all old english but words like thou and areth. Hmm but oh well i guess portfolios aren't that bad afterall...well at least to me they aren't but things are always more dramatic when theyre really happening, like think about a fight you've had with a friend, arguments seem so much sillier after they've actually happened...i wonder why? Phscology is a very odd thing. Hmmm I have 'don't stop believin'' stuck in my head! About an hour ago it was 'Anyway You Want It' Journey is slowly invading my brian, that or I'm slowly going insane...i think the second option is more likely than the first one. The Lakers game is on! Haha and i'm the only one not watching it in my family. some kids think Halloween is scary, others might not like Easter(why wouldn't they? i dont know but hey some kids don't) in my case It's the superbowl O.o The Superbowl is when my family(of particularly loud people) is the loudest, and i'm not exaggerating it's like everyone is talking into a megaphone even when they aren't watching the game. Haha okay now that one was an exageration but really that is one very, very loud day. My computer is still broken just for all those who are curious haha even though barely anyone reads my blog, so if anyone is truely concerned just thought you should know the little fan thingy that helps the computer boot up is broken so the computer no longer starts. That means 1. i can't post pictures anymore seeing as i'm on a library computer 2. i won't be able to post very often, but oh well anyway g2g

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