Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woah! i havent posted in forever! im sorry, i havent been able to post anything lately heres why: okay so i was on this amazing mission! i was a spy! for a secret agency whoose name i cannot give to you-its waaaaaaay too secret. so anywho there i was spying on the thanksgiving turkey, he was planning something evil....very evil! see he was selling people poisoned food so they would be too sick to celebrate xmas and santa would go out of buisness. i found otu what he was doing and had to report him! then he found out i was a spy and took all my comunication stuff away so i could no longer post on my blog. my friends saved me and the turkeys in jail yay! ya actually i got grounded :) but still, i keep trying to tell my parents there are far more things that are worse than me getting one little c in math! but noooo apparently therre isnt. anyway im back sorta i hope^^

Saturday, November 8, 2008


hehe! the kitten in the box is my fav! its sooo cute!!!

ok more pics frm flickr theese kitties r soooooo cute and beautiful!

ok my new fav photographr^^he takes nature pics theese r some of my fav pics of his

Thursday, October 23, 2008

hi! wow i haevnt posted ina while, me and rachelle and our other friends went to the halloween danec at our school lol my friend kyle dances funny, we're going to fright fest this saturday yay! anyway heres a pic of my cousin, ray, cuz my friend olivia who is his girlfriend, wantsd me to post pics of my annoying and cocky cousin so here they are

the guy is ray not the girl lol thats my friend, well my sisters friend, anyway hi and i gotta go.....do nothing lol im gonna post another post so yep byebyez

Thursday, October 16, 2008

hi again! lol i've gotten a few more views, whoo! jk anywho its one of the rare and amazing time when my computer hasnt crashed! yay! now for lots of pictures! okay not that many 'cuz once again, you know my darn computer, oh yeah but me, rachelle, and many of our other friends are going to fright fest soon, yay! we live within walking distance of magic mountain, cool eh? i know, so we're gonna go, but i've had theese freaky dreams, its the third night in a row i've had clow nightmares! ah! clowns scare me, really they do. the pic with the flowers i made on paint, my bffl, rachelle, came up with the saying, of dare to be different, its an awsome saying XD
oh yeah, speaking of awsome sayings, i have a new one! lol my friend Bailey, who i run XC with made it up, i think, either way he was the one who told me it, it goes,
"pain is temporary, but quitting is permanent." its so true, its my new quote. i'll introduce my friends on here one day, but right now i need pics of them.
lol i picked a random pic, cuz i was bored but this is really funny, only the twilight series fans would get it though XD, twilight ish awsome. wow i use that word way to much, awsome not twilight

omigosh, today at lunch we got into a capri sun fight! lol me and my adopted brother, ammaar, jk we arent really related, but it was pretty funny, rachelle got wet too, i think...i dont know^^
anyway i got to go for now, im gettin my halloween costume, so byebyez for now

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sorry, really i am

hi peoples, sorry really i am, lol i know i havent updated in forvever but thats cuz my computer wouldnt stop crashing XD hey i have new pics, yay!

theese ones are of my kitty, buzz lightyear, who was named by my six yr old lil' brother

lol sry i wont have many pics up on this post, and i wont be posting much cuz my computer is crashing again*gasp* lol so i can probally only upload one picture! how sad, yes! yay the oic uploaded^^ okay ill show u the other later, okay my little friends i have to go, yep bed time sucks but i have school so i'll post later whenever i can get on without my computer crashing i promise! bye for now!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


hello my little blogger peeps, this will be one of my last posts untill sunday, im going out of town.

so yep, now i'll post normal things like a normal blogger *sigh* so boring, i like not being a normal blogger better
this is a pic of sandpoint again, i loves it there! its really pretty anyway...im bored and have no idea what to say so i'll cya around little friends

adult content number three

yay bounce house time! so heres what ahppened during sky city....
it was totally fun untill our guy-friends started being all weird and moody and annoying but still fun heres the pics
this was one of the houses, there were two rooms covered in theese things(giant bounce houses)
cool, i know
lol theese are my awsome socks of the day. they were all rainbowy, its a cool pic too, its pretty good even if i did take it on my crappy camera

our friends derrick and kyle, this is a horrible pic, cuz again all i had was my phone
rainbow sox!

derrick txting he doesnt know i took this one lol

freddie in his little corner

and too conclude adult content number three.....

a pic of....a bear! lol anyway i hope u liked the random few posts i've done, cya later, oh and if ur wondering why were doing stuff during the week, we're on october break hurray! oh ya bye

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hi again, okay so im not like creepy obbsessed with blogging lol like the freaky girl in Made of honor, the movie,, shes like totally obsessed with the main charrie tom, and blogs about him all the time lol anyway rachelle and i are about to be picked up to go the bounce house, wich is what adult content number three is about,

and if your wondering about the title....its random i know, but i didnt know what to call it, and so i picked some random name XD
that pic is of meh baby bro, he's......almost a year old, in this pic hes like two months cute i know^^ anway we're leaving soon so bye my dear readers....lol what readers? jk bye peoples adult content number three will be up soon....or not

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

adult content numero dose

hi readers! okay since the adult content numero uno got a whopping two veiws lol jk but still i decided to make a second one! yay! okay this is the second part of our night! whoo! anyway also there will be an adult content numero three, it'll be about tomorow(wednesday)

we're going to the bounce house, its big...and bouncey, we're going with some friends from school, okay well heres numero dose of adult content hope u like it

this pic is rachelle on the computer lol right now shes stretching, ohhh she fell off the bed, now she rambling to herself, and trying to get back up on my bed without using her legs....wow its kinda funny, okay its really funny anway heres the pics

heres another horrible one of me, on my crappy camera phone

eww oh dont like this one, lol anyway rachelles loosing it....shes being loud too, and shes complaining about falling off the bed.....wow she has very colorful vocabulary

this one is...idk some random pic its of my doggies roxy and budggie, i love 'em i have six dogs this is a cute pic of 'em though

cya on adult content numero three! i loves you little buddies! jk but really cya later

adult content

lol jk 'bout the title anywho yay me and rachelle are having a sleepover! whooo! right now as i type she is on my floor, rolling around, 'cuz shes having a lauging attack, seriously she is, wow i dont think she can breathe....i should help her....or not.

anyway we were just taking pics on my phone, this is her in her halloween costume but shhh!!!!!!! no ones supposed to know! shhh! this is classified seriously she'd kill me if she found out i was showing everyone her halloween costume, 'cuz im the only one whoose supposed to know whats shes gonna be for halloween, anyway oh ya i have a crappy pic of me and rachelle, my phone cam. isnt that great but here it is anway

lol i told u my phone is crappy we look better, anyway keep reading the night is only half way over! soon i'll post adult content number 2! with way better pics frm my crappy phone cam! cya little bloggers, read on my friends, read on.

okay so im a big picture fan, here is the place i went this summer, sanpoint, idaho
lol okay this is it, but a bit less up-side down. this is the lake, i forgot its name but its the second deepest lake in the united states, i forgot how deep it was....but its really really deep.


hey this is my first post, look at this awsome pic! i didnt take it but it is pure awsomeness, its a pic of the it and super-cool its also my profile pic anyway for thoose who dont me, im corrin, well duh it says it on my profile anyway hi i hope you like the secret agent blog!