Tuesday, October 7, 2008

adult content

lol jk 'bout the title anywho yay me and rachelle are having a sleepover! whooo! right now as i type she is on my floor, rolling around, 'cuz shes having a lauging attack, seriously she is, wow i dont think she can breathe....i should help her....or not.

anyway we were just taking pics on my phone, this is her in her halloween costume but shhh!!!!!!! no ones supposed to know! shhh! this is classified seriously she'd kill me if she found out i was showing everyone her halloween costume, 'cuz im the only one whoose supposed to know whats shes gonna be for halloween, anyway oh ya i have a crappy pic of me and rachelle, my phone cam. isnt that great but here it is anway

lol i told u my phone is crappy we look better, anyway keep reading the night is only half way over! soon i'll post adult content number 2! with way better pics frm my crappy phone cam! cya little bloggers, read on my friends, read on.


smithers said...

funny!!!! ill c you guys at school

Rachelle said...

Oh my gosh I hate how my nose looks in the picture with the both of us in it. -_- that is sooo not a good picture of me. :) haha. oh well, life is like a bucket of fish, you never know when it is going to hit you! :)

David Lyman said...

Aw! You two are too cute!