Thursday, October 9, 2008


hello my little blogger peeps, this will be one of my last posts untill sunday, im going out of town.

so yep, now i'll post normal things like a normal blogger *sigh* so boring, i like not being a normal blogger better
this is a pic of sandpoint again, i loves it there! its really pretty bored and have no idea what to say so i'll cya around little friends


smithers said...

was the bounce house fun!!! i wish i could have come , but i was buissy (is thst how you spell it ) anyways im glad you had fun. keep makin' me laugh!!! -waverly smithers

Secret agent 009 said...

lol okay sry i havent updated for a while and it was sorta fun

delliracario said...

how dare you take a picture of me with out me knowing. haha. just kidding.