Thursday, October 16, 2008

hi again! lol i've gotten a few more views, whoo! jk anywho its one of the rare and amazing time when my computer hasnt crashed! yay! now for lots of pictures! okay not that many 'cuz once again, you know my darn computer, oh yeah but me, rachelle, and many of our other friends are going to fright fest soon, yay! we live within walking distance of magic mountain, cool eh? i know, so we're gonna go, but i've had theese freaky dreams, its the third night in a row i've had clow nightmares! ah! clowns scare me, really they do. the pic with the flowers i made on paint, my bffl, rachelle, came up with the saying, of dare to be different, its an awsome saying XD
oh yeah, speaking of awsome sayings, i have a new one! lol my friend Bailey, who i run XC with made it up, i think, either way he was the one who told me it, it goes,
"pain is temporary, but quitting is permanent." its so true, its my new quote. i'll introduce my friends on here one day, but right now i need pics of them.
lol i picked a random pic, cuz i was bored but this is really funny, only the twilight series fans would get it though XD, twilight ish awsome. wow i use that word way to much, awsome not twilight

omigosh, today at lunch we got into a capri sun fight! lol me and my adopted brother, ammaar, jk we arent really related, but it was pretty funny, rachelle got wet too, i think...i dont know^^
anyway i got to go for now, im gettin my halloween costume, so byebyez for now

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Rachelle said...

lol, yeah, I was soo sticky after that! 'Twas very funny though. :) I need to stick an oreo to ammaar's face with ketchup again. :) See ya at the halloween dance! ;) and possibly fright fest tomorrow... :D