Thursday, October 9, 2008

adult content number three

yay bounce house time! so heres what ahppened during sky city....
it was totally fun untill our guy-friends started being all weird and moody and annoying but still fun heres the pics
this was one of the houses, there were two rooms covered in theese things(giant bounce houses)
cool, i know
lol theese are my awsome socks of the day. they were all rainbowy, its a cool pic too, its pretty good even if i did take it on my crappy camera

our friends derrick and kyle, this is a horrible pic, cuz again all i had was my phone
rainbow sox!

derrick txting he doesnt know i took this one lol

freddie in his little corner

and too conclude adult content number three.....

a pic of....a bear! lol anyway i hope u liked the random few posts i've done, cya later, oh and if ur wondering why were doing stuff during the week, we're on october break hurray! oh ya bye


Kelli said...

Corrin I doubt you remember me, I am one of Jasmins friends, I played softball with her, I spent the night at your house once, anywho.. cool blog,keep it up. :)

Secret agent 009 said...

i remember you^^ cool and thanx