Tuesday, October 7, 2008

adult content numero dose

hi readers! okay since the adult content numero uno got a whopping two veiws lol jk but still i decided to make a second one! yay! okay this is the second part of our night! whoo! anyway also there will be an adult content numero three, it'll be about tomorow(wednesday)

we're going to the bounce house, its big...and bouncey, we're going with some friends from school, okay well heres numero dose of adult content hope u like it

this pic is rachelle on the computer lol right now shes stretching, ohhh she fell off the bed, now she rambling to herself, and trying to get back up on my bed without using her legs....wow its kinda funny, okay its really funny anway heres the pics

heres another horrible one of me, on my crappy camera phone

eww oh dont like this one, lol anyway rachelles loosing it....shes being loud too, and shes complaining about falling off the bed.....wow she has very colorful vocabulary

this one is...idk some random pic its of my doggies roxy and budggie, i love 'em i have six dogs this is a cute pic of 'em though

cya on adult content numero three! i loves you little buddies! jk but really cya later

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