Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never Let You Go!

It's be Third Blind Eye, and currently the song that won't leave my mind!!! On the brighter side we just graduated!..or promoted....or whatever It's called. High School oh joy. I really wish my hair would stay like this forever...I'm afraid to go to sleep because it might get messed up. Well tonight was fun but so so sad! I won't see anyone again for a month or so which is a depressing thought. Speaking of long absences this is most likely my last post untill July, seeing as I'll be in Idaho. Yes they have computers there but Hanging out with family usually pre-occupies me from any sort of computer activity. Did you know Facebook is more popular than Myspace now? Crazy stuff. Lakers won! hmmm let's see what else is on my mind umm....theres alot of cool stuff on the news lately haha I don't remember what said stuff was. Oh and i new discovery from today. Who needs X-ray vision when you have imagination? That's the kind of thought process you get when you stuff about 300 kids in this stuffy little room and make them sit there for about half an hour just so they can then walk in a single-filed line for the next hour or so. Some interesting thing were said tonight...but i don't think it's wise to go into every single thing that was mentioned in fulll-on detail.
It's been below 70 degress for the past week which is crazy seeing as normally in June in the small town of Castaic temperatues reach high 90s, low 100s. By July It's almost always over 110. The cold is strange, unexpected, and once again just plain old weird. Maybe It's a sign. What the omen would be about I'm not sure, but hey, you never know.
Bye for now, Love~


Waverly Smithers and the Silencer said...

about that x-ray vision.......ya well you know the joke. I miss "him" so badly, whish is weird cause i never usally miss guys!!! anyways remeber to email me!!!!!check out my blog

Rachelle said...

Maybe I can find someone with "his" phone number and then we call him then hack the phone lines, trace the call, find out where he lives, then TP his house!!!!! :P hahahahahaah. probably not gonna happen. ;)