Monday, June 1, 2009

Schools out for summer

Has anyone heard that song before? Where It's like "Schools out for summer, schools out forever"
Well if you have It's stuck in my head which is pretty ironic seeing as theres only about eight days left of school. Guess what comes next year? Highschool. oh joy. It seems kind of fun but I'm sooo not looking forward to being at the bottom of the food chain all over again. Hey so i discovered something interesting: A person's veiw of another person depends on if you know that person or not. It sounds simple i know, it sounded cooler when i first thought of it basically it goes like this:
You see some random person on the street and your friend asks " hey do you think that person is hot?" About nine out of ten people who i asked this questions said sure that persons hot. Now say you see your friend who you've known for three years and someone asks "hey do you think that person is hot?" most people i asked said that they would think before they answered the question this time only because this time they knew the person. So basically people pass different judgement on others based on wether we know them or not. I think It's cool, oops anyway I'm being kicked off again g2g

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