Monday, January 26, 2009

randomness has a name and its called corrin

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have nothing to post about im sooooooooooooooooooooo bored!!!! anywho hi, i dont have any snazzy pics 2 put up yet im too lazy 2 import 'em off my camera. its waaaay below freezing in my house its so cold! i dont wana g2 sleep like at all even tho its not bed time yet i dunno i feel weird like ha ha funny mixed with why must life be so confusing?!? funny. The fray is a strange name, cool band tho hehe i like queen, blah did i mention how impossibly bored i am? oh well ill go draw or something i wana fire truck 4 xmas...wouldnt that be cool? driving around in this giagantic red truck with a ladder and hose so u can hose random ppl? plus if sumone crashes into u ur fine cus its so big! well bye for now ill post again when my pics are in


Delli said...

haha. wow corrin. maybe if i get enough money i'll buy u a firetruck :)im really bored too. the word u have to type in to post up the post is sooooo weird. mine right now is sonialb. sounds like something to do with ur nose. haha, well heres a bunch of faces :) :P (^_^) (^@^) d-_-b d:) ;) :D rawr. :) sonialb haha. thats such a weird word. and the funny thing is,is that all of those password words are pronounceable. holy molly, that was a rrreeeeaaalllllyyyy big word for me. hehe :P jk. but that word is very big. well hope u answer back to this :)
~ delli :)
p.s. my favorite letter is ~ (sguiggly) ~~~~ yay :)

Secret agent 009 said...

ha! i so cooli dont have 2 type in a wordy thingy i love triangles their cool, u think thats a big word? watch this:
the other day sam got bumped by a flagrant delequent. Infact the flagransity of his act caused queit a humdrum within our group. sam was about to protest to her ungrateful coleague, untill she saw the sheer massiveness of him, then she turned away suddenly decidsing to be peaceful about the whole incident.
beat that!

Rachelle said...

Lol corrin. :) i know what incident that was. ;D

Secret agent 009 said...

lol i know u know