Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lights Not Lazers

How do they do it? I don't understand this amazing phenomenon. I got about four of the See's lollipops for Easter and this is my last one, it's vanilla, and probably my new favorite. Hmm, I'm going to end to addicted to these things and gain hundreds of pounds.
I look forward to the future.

Anyway, onto the real subject at hand. I just came back from my step-dad's, cousin's wedding. I only knew about a hand full of people there and whoever I did know I haven't seen since I was five. I had people I didn't even know coming up to me and saying, "Oh, you've gotten so tall!" Little do they know, I haven't actually gotten any taller but have developed the ability to wear very high heels, making me appear taller.

The ceramony was beautiful, there's something magical about weddings, even if you don' know the bride, groom, or half of their guests.

At said wedding I met Devin, the tall, blonde, and charming type. He happened to be the same age and grade as me so we danced and had ridiculously witty conversations with one another. I was being a bit flirty, seeing as one of my friends thinks I need to 'get back on the dating' train. But I knew nothing would come out of my short-lived friendship with Devin, seeing as he was either a byofriend of one of my extremely distant relatives or he was one of my exremely distant relatives. Either scenario wasn't desirable.

After talking for a while I found out that he was my cousin Tiffany's date, and that they'd gotten into this huge fight during the ceramony and weren't talking. So I dragged both of their gorgeous, blonde butts into the kitchen and talked some sense into them. So they're back together and I'm, well, me.

That's okay, maybe I'm not ready to climb back onto the dating train just yet or maybe I'm just not meant to be a passanger at all, I'll be the conductor instead.

Oh, so quick subject change that relates to the title. You know those mini colored disco balls that you plug into the wall and can win at most arcades for a couple hundred tickets? Well they had that during the wedding and my step-grandfather pointed at the colors on the ceiling and said, "Look, they've got lazers."

Then a tall, wrinkled woman whom I recognized as the band's drummer shook her head and corrected him, "They're lights, not lazers."
Same difference.


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