Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tomorrow is Thursday =]

Who wants to know the several factors that determine the biological effects of a particular source of radiation? :D

In other words, I don't want to do my chemisty so instead I'm procrasting
...with more chemisty... (This does not bode well for my future)

(The abridged version)

1. The energy of the radiation: radiation doses are measured in rads (short for radiation absorbed dose), the higher the energy content that more damage can be caused.

2. The penetrating ability of the radiation: The particles and rays produced in radioactive processes vary in their abilities to penetrate human tissue.

3. The ionizing ability of the radiation: Extraction of electrons from biomolecules to form ions is particularly detrimental to their functions. The ionizing ability of radiation varies dramatically.

4. The chemical properties of the radiation source: When a radioactive nucleotide is ingested into the body, its effectiveness in causing damage depends on its residence time.


(kumquat) said...

This is ridiculous. I doubt even nerds procrastinate this way. What are you? This video makes the world fuzzy =) :

Waverly Smithers and the Silencer said...

Yay for procrastination!!!!!!

SlylyAnnonymous said...

See? At least someone appreciates my procrastination, thank you, Smithers =]

Kidding, I love you both =]

And that vidoe is so cute!!