Friday, March 26, 2010


Okay I've officially gone through an entire box of tissues and also a little travel pack with pictures of Snoopy on it. I'm halway through a new box, delightful, huh? Oh the joys of being sick. My voice is getting better though. I woke up this morning the sound of my mother's laughter as small paws eagerly trampled over my face. "It's already five thirty, you over-slept," she tells me, so I scoot the dog aside and sit up and open my mouth to tell her thanks for waking me up but I can't utter a sound.

Well, actually, that's a lie. I manage this pathetic, hoarse whisper. Alarmed by my lack of voice and ability to breath through my nose she ordered me back to bed. I can actually talk now but it's much easier to whisper. Ugh, I'd rather be at school. It's such a beautiful day, being stuck inside watching old, black-and-white serial killer movies isn't what I had in mind for the start of my weekend. But oh well, that's life. We're having a garage sale tomorrow for my friend, Brittany. It's a long story but I think it'll be fun. Anyway I have to go and post flyers before my parents come home and see that i'm not curled up the covers.

Bye for now.


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