Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Time To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

The other day I went swimming with my mom at my cousin's house . I was putting sunscreen on, you know to prevent ultra violent rays from seeping into my skin and causing irreverseble damage, when suddenly I noticed my belly button.

I kid you not, I'd forgotten all about it, I mean my belly button! The very spot where I'd been attached to my mother almost fifteen years ago.

I was ashamed, have I been taking my belly button for grantide? Have you?

It's such an easy part of the body to forget or ignore. I'm not saying we need a day devoted to belly buttons or anything, but I think some appreciation towards them would be nice.
Afterall, they did contribute to keeping you alive for about eight, give or take a few, months. So next time you're sitting at home, staring at your ceiling or counting sheep in your head, take a moment to remember your belly button and appreciate that you've even got one. It'll only take a few seconds and trust me, those sheep will still be there when you're through.

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Anonymous said...

All hail the sacred button! i am worthy, i am worthy...