Friday, May 7, 2010

When the Music's Over

I won't get the full Prom experience until my Junior year, but tonight I got to dip my feet in the shallow, beginner waters of MORP. The entire dance was like being lost in some sort of euphoric jungle, which is appropraite enough seeing as our mascot is 'The Wildcat'.

It was chaotic and crowded and amazing, a place where strange, scantily-clad creatures roamed. Really, there was no dress code whatsoever, and it got pretty disturbing at times, but all in all it's a good time.

Anyway there are four weeks of school left, it's a lovely yet sadening thought. Two whole months without seeing my most of my closest friends...thank goodness for snail mail.

Is it just me or does everything feel more mellow than before?

I don't know.

I've been thinking alot lately though. I mean people are starting to go against popular culture, the only reason being that it's, well, popular. As an example, the Twilight books. Sure Stephenie Myers has millions of adoring fans, but then there are the anti-Twilighters, who despise the book and it's author. I have no beef with those who've read the books and don't enjoy them, but it's the people who don't read the books and then very vocally express their hatred for them.

Or with food you've never tried before. If you haven't heard a certain song, or tasted a certain food, read a certain book, or met a certain person then how do you know if you like it or not? Some will bash celebrities that they've never before met when in actuallity that celebrity could be a very nice person.

I wonder as to why we do these things, not everyone does this, but some people do. I don't know. I guess for now it's best if we all just keep an open mind.

Goodbye for now,




Anonymous said...

I've never met Hitler, and yet I'm 98% sure he was a bad guy. ohhh but that darn 2%... You've been pondering some pretty serious issues young lady. I think the plants know something we don't (commenting on your Thoughts on Living). they certaintly have the advantage with excess the carbon dioxide problem we humans have.

SlylyAnnonymous said...

We all know that Hitler's intenions were bad but maybe through his eyes and the eyes of his followers they were good. I don't know, it's all about perspective I guess.
Haha you've got a good point with the plants, I never thought of that :p