Monday, January 25, 2010

Death to Smoochie

Those bastards. Has anyone ever heard of traingle rubber-bands for braces? They're rubber bands that connect your top teeth to your bottom ones. Everytime I see some one with those I'm always curious about how it feels and how they're able to eat.

My Orthodontist put those on me today. I now know. Guess what? It's a pain. The amount of effort it takes me to eat a cookie now is very undesirable. I have to take them off and put new ones on everyday and I have to take them off before eating then put then on afterwards, lunch at school's going to be a hassle. When I got home I decided to experiment and see if I could eat something small, like a bite-sized Teddy Grahm. This does not work. I repeat-do not try at home.

I can't fully open my mouth all the way with the rubber bands on so I had to suck on it...that's what she said...haha sorry I've been watching The Office way too much lately. Anyway it's a pain but I'm always up for a new challenge. So there's a bright side after all.

Oh and then halfway through the appointment the assistent orthodontist was taking out my old wires inorder to put new ones in. When he started to put in the news ones something was wrong with my back bracket and the wire wouldn't go in all the way, so instead of stopping and checking to see what was wrong with it he continiously pushed the wire which caused it to slip and impail the inside of my cheek. It's as fun as it sounds, trust me.

So while my cheek was being stabbed as a distraction I began thinking of the do's and don'ts of rubber band colors. Like one time I'd gone with orange because for some reason I thought it would look cute. Orange is a definete don't. After a few days it fades and makes your teeth look yellow. Green's okay but I'd stay away from black, in my opinion it makes it look like you have a bunch of oreo cookie stuck in your teeth.

That's by itself I mean, black actually looks really good when paired with other colors like green or orange. I've never actually tried red but it looks good on others. Um personally I like blues and purples they match alot of things and the colors just stand out more. I tried pink once, that wasn't too bad either.

Thats pretty much all. I had alot more to say but fortunately for you I can't remember. It'll come to me sooner or later. Oh! Just remembered...haha.

My computer's being even weirder now...if that's even possible. When I turn it on a little message pops up saying that the USB drive that I've inserted isn't recognized, but the only thing inserted in my USB drive is my internet connector. So I clicked on update and it said my version was already up to date but it still wasn't recognized which meant I wasn't getting internet.

I disconnected then re-connected it but still nothing. I did that a few more times then my computer says that I need to replace the USB drive, which really is no bueno. Finally, I disconnected it then re-connected it one last time, fingers crossed and then I heard a little beeping noise and my internet was working again!

I'd take my lovely dinosaur into the computer doctor but they're expensive and they've fixed it for me a few times already...I guess I'll just figure this one out on my own and hope nothing explodes.
Wish me luck!


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