Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't Panic

I'm finally posting again! Even though it's because I made a pinky promise, but hey, whatever works. Sorry again Smithers! Man, am I wired. Hmm, I really don't feel like sleeping. I've had like half a bag of crazy core Skittles and a bucketload of caffine so I'll be crashing eventually, just not any time soon.

I love the rain! It's such a peculiar phenomenon...gotta love big words =]
It's been pouring non-stop for the past week, it's great, the possibilities are endless in the rain, and in the sun, I guess.

Haha sorry, Ive been unusually happy lately, which is good. I think it's the rain. For a while even my happy memories made me sad but lately things are different.
School's going good, I mean numbers are making sense to me for once and there's been a lot of adventures, so I think things are really starting to look up.

The guy department isn't going very well, but it's cool, he's a good guy and sometimes I think attemtping a relationship would screw things up, it's happened before so I'm just a wee bit wary of my actions this time. I'd rather be friends than nothing at all, so for now I'm just going to chill and shut my mouth, haha lock it up and throw away the key =]
Sayings are always more fun to say when they're old.

Oh, I got caught in a monsoon the other day! It was crazy me and two of my friends were sharing one umbrella and bam! The rain starts pouring down and the wind blowing extremely hard and the umbrella's having a seizure, it was quite an interesting moment.
I have practice tomorrow at ten, well ten thirty if you want to be precise and then it's at eight thirty on Sunday.

Even if it's raining we'll still be running since we're 'distance kids'. Our coaches always treat the long distance and cross country runners differently, they think we can handle more, but they're right.

We have practice no matter what weather conditions but it's all good since it's always fun. I'll probably end up pulling an all-nighter then crashing either during or right after practice tomorrow.

Hmm, my Mom's sleeping in the room next to mine. It's my sister's room but she's out of state right now. She's talking in her sleep, my Mom, not my sister, the walls are ridiculously thin so i can pretty much hear everything that goes on throughout the entire house.
I got the Pokemon song as my ringtone, that's not very relevant, sorry but it sure is exciting.
Anyway I think I'm going to go stare at the walls or something, I'm getting kindof hungry again...I wonder where those Skittles went...
Anyway thanks for reading!

Oh, wait one more thing Mango Arizonas are amazing, I mean I knew that Sobes were pretty good but the other day I tried an Arizona and was like, 'wow!' haha sorry about my little outburst, the can's still on my yeah.
Well, good bye for now.


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