Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Complicated

Ah, who doesn't love the art of understanding the opposite sex? It seems to be everywhere lately-love, I mean. It could be due to the coming month of February. Did you know it was spelt with two R's? I still find that very, very strange.
Ew! I just ate a yellow M&M and it tasted like fish...not cool. Anyway I have a theory I think Winter is the season of liking, not the beginning but the end of it, it's the time where people start to develop crushes and what not and by the time spring comes it's blossumed into love.
Ohmygosh! Okay so I tried giving the yellow M&Ms another chance so I ate one more and I'm ninety nine point nine percent sure that the taste of greasy fish is now permanently stuck in my mouth. Ew, ew, ew. All the others taste normal, I think I'm going to stick to those.
Oh, so back on topic girls are always complaining about how guys don't make sense and are impossible to understand and guys always complain about how complicated and strange girls are. Stop trying to crack the code! Maybe that's truly whats driving both genders mad. Maybe we should stop trying to figure out one another and just enjoy people as they are. Less time analyzing and more time socializing and maybe then, just maybe wil we get a true understanding of one another.
But hey, just a thought. I have to go scrape the fish taste off my tongue...so gross! Bye for now,

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