Sunday, January 24, 2010

I had an epiphany about...five minutes ago. I was brushing my teeth when I realized that most blogs have purposes and that a blog in general kind of needs one. So I'm officially stating the purpose of mine...(drumroll)'s actually not that exciting. It gives you a look into the mind of a secret agent. Wow, I knew it wasn't that exciting but now that I've actually typed it out it sounds rather lame. Oh well.

I haven't been on any new missions lately so I think I'll just ramble for a bit.

Onto something hopefully more fascinating. Don't you hate it when you brush your teeth then have to eat?
I was getting ready to go to Burbank for my Mom's braidsmaid dress fitting so I'd brushed my teeth, had an epiphany, and all that jazz. I went through the kitchen to get to my Mom's room to get a blow dryer and on the way I grabd a cookie. Two seconds later I realized I'd just brushed my teeth and eating said cookie would mean that I'd need to brush them again. So it's now sitting in front of me tauntingly.

Oh! I saw the movie Julie & Julia yesterday, to my surprise it was pretty good. The ending was a little odd and the main character was a bit too obsessed with Julia Child but otherwise that it was cute.

Has anyone ever had Fruit Stripes? Best gum ever. The flavors are really good but it only lasts for about five minutes, the coolest part ever though is that the pictures on the wrappers are stick on tattoos! That blew my mind. Although it's an older brand that's been around for years it's still revolutionary.

Speaking of blowing minds, did you know the movie Oliver and Company is actually another version of Oliver Twist? The little orange cat's an orphan and he meets the cool, popular street dog, Dodger, and then there's big, mafia-like, cigar smoking bad guy, Mr. Sykes! It wasn't until the other day when I was watching it that I made the connection between the Disney film and the book by Dickens. In a way I'm dissapointed it took so long for me to figure that out but it's still so...enlightening.

Moving onto a new topic, everything I own keeps breaking. I kid you not, the entire front cover of my phone can come off, my ducky umbrella has a hole in it, the filter in my fish tank short-circuted although it's now been replaced, my shutters won't properly open and close so I have to pull them up completely, my alarm clock's going off at random hours-I'm pretty sure that's short-cicuted too, and last but not least, a latch on my window is broken so now I can't lock it or close it all the way.
My room's officially started a mutiny.

Well finally I have to go, off to Burbank it is.
Bye for now,


Waverly Smithers and the Silencer said...

HaHaHa... your blogs are soo amusing.... Oh and send me over to teach your room a lesson. I'll striaghten them out!! Never disobey your master EVER AGIAN!!!
tee hee...

SlylyAnnonymous said...

My bed's now quaking in fear :p haha