Sunday, January 24, 2010

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

My computer's starting to do this funky thing lately. I have a mini computer monitor in the bottom right corner on my actual screen, if the monitor has a little red X in it then that means my internet isn't working, if it's blue and has a pictrure of Earth in it then it is working.

Now what's happening is I'll turn on my computer and the little blue Earth is in the corner so I'll click to go online and it says my internet isn't working so I disconnect my router and re-connect since that usually works but then the entire screen turns blue and it says that Windows is shutting down to prevent viruses from attacking my computer and that I should either reset it or wait a few minutes before turning it on again.

Now it's getting worse. When I turn on my computer the first time it'll go straight to the blue notification-thing. Now the electronics are turning against me. Wondeful.
On a lighter note, I was going through my photo gallery out of boredum due to lack of internet
and I found some amazing pictures that I forgot I had! You know you're just dying to see them.

He is just so big now! My darling little brother, he turns eight this year-eight!! Haha he wanted to try my older brother's bowling ball which was a whopping eleven pounds...he found that one out the hard way.

My baby brother, ah, he's such a little pill but look at this kid-really? So adorable! This boy's going to break hearts, no doubt about it...he's a chip off the old block...haha.

Have you ever seen a one year old with this much character? He won't stop moving and talks like crazy, just looking at him gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside =]

I was going to post about a hundred more pictures of my darling siblings (there's more of them, by the way, two older sisters and an older brother) but my computer's spazzing out, as usual so a couple more will have to do.

My new boyfriend, he's hot, I know. It's kind of sad that the closest thing I have to a boyfriend is
a three hundred pound inanimate mass of frozen water.

Me on the left, my little brother in the middle and my oldest on the right. Oh how I miss Idaho. Oh, that's where these photos were taken by the way. It hasn't snowed in my part of California in ages, literally. It's good to be home though. Time to go...I don't exactly know where to but that's what makes it fun.




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Waverly Smithers and the Silencer said...

Your family is so cute!!!! and is it just me or is your older brother smexy?? Anywho..... Im jealous of your boyfriend.... haha